The year 2020 is almost upon us, for the fans of flash online gaming, should they be worried? Well, as a fan of flash online games, who enjoyed playing addictive games like Cave Miner, Backgammon and Bejeweled. Those games have been your go-to to kill boredom at work and sometimes when you need to ease off from itchy fingers. Now you know that Adobe slated 2020 for a total overhaul of Flash player, the backbone enabling flash online gaming on web-browsers. The death knell looks final from here.

If you are like me, addicted to these games, you can still play after Adobe and supporting browsers must have stopped support flash online gaming. Of course the moment Adobe and the browsers stop supporting flash, all the flash games would be removed and so they will be lost. So, what then? The good news is, you can download the whole flash games catalogue using the Bluemaxima’s flash games preservation project. The project intends to make as many as possible of those games available and still playable beyond 2020.

On the flip side, Adobe’s annoucement meant a lot to gamers’ community; both the designers and fan of browser-based gaming have been actively seeking alternative to flash since the announcement of the 2020 deadline. The drive is, when Adobe do eventually ended support for flash, there will be other robust platforms for creatives and fans to migrate. Already HTML5 and webGL have demonstrated they are robust enough to handle what used to be the exclusive terrain of flash online gaming,
What about flash online game purists? If you were a flash online gaming purist, you would rather have adobe make Flash player open source, so that enthusiasts and gamers from all over the world can fix all the problems that led to the abandonment of flash in the first place. Maybe you will have your wish yet, but now, that looks almost unlikely, Adobe is resting Flash Player and it looked like it will be rested for good.